I rented Candace’s studio for my birthday celebration. I held an event with 25 people for a casual dinner and blind wine tasting. The long open space was perfect for a big group! We had space to sit and dine, stand and mingle, and to set up a homemade photo booth. It was really nice having the kitchen open to the whole space- I could cook and chat with everyone at once. This is a great place to host an event, and Candace was a great host! She had tables and chairs we could use, and was easy to coordinate with. The venue is affordable, there’s plenty of parking, and it’s somewhat convenient for public transit.

-Jaime Dobbs

The Lighthouse is one of only a few studios in the Bay Area that I continually recommend. Candace has done a beautiful job with the space, providing a variety of different sets and backdrops as well as a diverse range of lighting equipment. As a studio host she is wonderful, always willing to help with light setup when needed.

As a model, I’m very happy with the restroom changing area. It is clean and well lit with a table area available for makeup.

-Eleanor R.

The Lighthouse Studio is one of the BEST finds in the BAY!!!! Lovely, well-lit, clean, spacious and managed by an absolute dynamo. Book it now and often for your studio needs — you won’t find a better space in Oakland.

-Suzie Swift.

As part of a Meetup.com event put on by The Lighthouse Studios I attended a photography lighting workshop that had a great instructor (Len Cook) and and wonderful model, Dasha. Candace the studio owner was very pleasant and professional and did a great job on putting on this event. The studio space is very nice and clean and I look forward to returning.

-James M.

I was able to host a workshop using The Lighthouse Studio as the venue and Candace was very easy to coordinate with, draw all clients, and find the right model. The space to shoot in is very long, but a bit narrow (which was perfect) and very flexible for blocking out the natural light as I needed. I will definitely be working with her again here!

-Billy Purta

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We host photography workshops, special events, intimate gatherings, small talks, meet ups, birthday parties, cooking classes, wine tastings, dance parties… you name it.  The space is pliable and cozy and reasonably priced.


The Lighthouse Studio is a complete warm and inviting photo studio. The space is modular and can accommodate a variety of shooting styles. We also offer workshops and group photo shooting events.


The Lighthouse studio is proud to host events and community gatherings. Our small gatherings for women which are typically free. For more information, please visit our events page.


The Lighthouse Studio is full-service, cozy, east bay photography studio and event space based conveniently in Oakland.  We host photography workshops, special events, intimate gatherings, small talks, meetups, birthday parties, cooking classes, wine tastings, dance parties… you name it. 


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